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While Plastic Experts usually recommends processors purchase new equipment specifically designed for their particular project, there are those times when a good used or remanufactured older machine matches the project imperatives more closely than new machinery would. To assure our customers of every available choice, Plastic Experts has established our Machinery Locator program. In most cases we can locate and deliver any Plastic Processing equipment required, from one of our many sources.


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Shown above is a sampling of injection molding machines that are available from one of our many reliable Industry sources. Plastic-Experts can locate used machinery closely matching your specifications, and arrange for purchase as-is, or schedule one of several levels of remanufacturing prior to delivery. With few exceptions, our used equipment selections are test-run and certified in writing as to performance and condition before being offered to our valued customers. Equipment that is not found to meet our standards is not offered for sale by Plastic-Experts.

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