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PLEASE NOTE: We continue to provide service and parts to a limited degree for this line of equipment, although we are not their current representation in the US. Following information applies only to machines that have previously been delivered, as currently none of these machines that are being imported are represented by Plastic Experts.

Welltec Industrial Equipment produces toggle clamp injection molding machines ranging in size from 22 to 1760 tons. These machines are rugged, reliable, and very economical. There are several series of Welltec machines, each built to serve a specific type of molding environment.


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Product Info Welltec injection molding machines represent an excellent value in general purpose toggle clamp injection molding machines. There are several models available, each with its own group of standard features that allow for efficient manufacturing of injection molded parts. Given the size range of 22 ton, 1/2 oz. to 1760 ton 385 oz. capacities, there are very few products that these machines cannot make.
With prices for the equipment starting under $25,000.00, there is no doubt that there is an opportunity here to obtain new machinery for your manufacturing plant at prices not significantly higher than you would expect to pay for used equipment in the same size range. Welltec toggle clamp injection molding machines include as standard such items as air blast, hydraulic ejection, six program core pull, mold setup storage up to 25 setups, programmable injection and clamp profiling, computer tracking of SPC parameters, and computer generated maintenance recommendations. These machines are a great value, especially for the small custom molder who may prefer to limit capital expenditures.

The new Series "G" Machines are an exceptional value, with the 95G 5 Oz. Machine priced at only $31,400.00, the 165G-15 Oz. Machine at $36,400.00, and the 285G 27 Oz. Machine costing only $46,400.00. These prices include full factory warranty, and make these machines the best value for your equipment dollar available in the industry today.

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