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Plastic Experts has access to a group of manufacturers whose abilities reach beyond the production of plastic products and the molds to make them. We offer our services to clients who require production machining of ferrous metals and Aluminum, particularly with high precision projects.


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All of our tool and die facilities also have the proper equipment and training to manufacture highly accurate machined parts in large quantities. We can finish machine metal castings in iron, steel, brass, aluminum, bronze, and other alloys. Our 3D CNC milling machines can produce any curve or contour , and our CNC milling/turning centers can do both flat milling and lathe work on a part all in a single setup. We have both ram and wire EDM facilities available, and can do heavy metal sheet fabrication and forming for equipment cabinets or machinery guards. Most of our facilities have or can access paint spray and powder coating facilities, and we can acid etch and texture metal surfaces as required for replication of specific finishes. If you have precision metal fabrication, machining, or finishing requirements, call us first; we can get the job done on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.



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