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Service Listed below are a number of Websites that we have found to be helpful to us as Plastics Experts. We hope you will visit them and make use of their resources and products just as we have.

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Products We have found this internet supplier of books, video, etc. to be well stocked with material of interest to us. Hopefully you will as well.

Catalog This is a favorite source for general purpose software and computer equipment. Reasonable prices, good service, interesting website

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Eltron Display Systems

TFT LCD Displays, Panel Pc's, Industrial Computers, Waterproof Computer Systems, Large Scale Flat Panel Monitors, PLC's 

IMM.Net Website authored by Injection Molding Magazine. A worthwhile tour of current issues of the Injection Molding Industry

Website for our Shinwa - Seiki Injection
Molding Machines. Methods also supplies other types of equipment; our representation is for plastics machinery

MoKon Div. Protective Closures Inc. Temperature Controllers for Process Water High Temperature Fluid Circulators Portable Chillers, Air and Water Cooled

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