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Plastic Experts has over 25 years of injection mold design experience. Our people have done primary and supervisory design on literally hundreds of molds, from small precision parts to huge automotive industry molds.


We have design specialists available who can produce complete mold designs from finished product drawings, using AutoCad, CadKey 7 thru 98, working in 2-D or 3-D format, with the additional advantage of using a number of CAM programs to translate the mold designs directly to CNC machining centers operated by our group of expert moldmakers.

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While there is still a great deal of truth to the theory that mold design, like moldmaking, has a larger element of art than science to it, we have found that there is no substitute for an accurate, correct design when injection molds are being made. Our track record on mold design is excellent. Our first trial success rate is over 90%, which we attribute in large part to precise, conservative primary design, based on our extensive experience.


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