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Plastic Experts has a number of sources in the plastic industry , both in the USA and in several other countries, who have products that are of potential interest to our customers. We like to make the connections.


About Us While it is not practical to show the entire variety of products that are available, we can state that our network of USA plastic manufacturers, combined with our offshore sources for plastics and other types of manufactured goods, is such that we should be able to supply your needs for quality products in large quantities and at very attractive prices. Since we have tool manufacturing sources in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and machinery sources in the same areas, our people also have access to the amazing variety of products these areas can supply. Whether the need is for electronics from Hong Kong, Cut Glass Crystal from Portugal, or that famous fine leather from Spain, it is very likely that we can make the connection for you, and "deliver the goods"



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