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Plastic Experts has available, from our source in Italy, a range of extrusion blow molding machinery. The equipment can be purchased with molds already installed, and the system pre-tested and production proven.


About Us As part of our usual method of servicing our customers' needs, we have located and secured the local representation rights to a very high quality line of extrusion blow molding machinery. The equipment is entirely PLC process controlled, using MOOG parison programming and Fanuc or Mitsubishi electronics .



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One of the most attractive aspects of this product line is that Plastic Experts can provide either the blow molders themselves, or a complete manufacturing module including the machines, molds, trimmers, and all auxiliary equipment as a single source, turnkey operation. In the case of the turnkey package, the performance of the complete system is tested and specified prior to shipment. This makes it possible for you to avoid all production startup problems.

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