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Plastic Experts is proud to be able to offer service and parts for the Shinwa-Seiki line of Hydraulic Clamp injection molding machines to our area customers. NOTE: This equipment is not currently being imported to the USA. We are currently offering only support services for existing owners of this equipment, while we await the return of Shinwa Seiki to the US market. We recommend Mitsubishi as a replacement for this product line to those who require new straight-ram injection machines. The information listed below applies to new equipment when it again becomes available in this country, and to limited quantities of used machines  which are still available from our Locator Services division.


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If you are currently in the injection molding business, then this line of machines should be familiar to you. The Shinwa Seiki machines are all straight-ram hydraulic clamping machines, well known for their high level of quality, and efficient operation. The straight-ram clamping system minimizes the number of parts in the clamping assembly, and simplifies maintenance requirements. The DATAMEM-IQ computer system is one of the most user-friendly in the industry, allowing for rapid press setups and minimal operator training time. Presses are available in clamp tonnages from 30 to 360 metric tons, with shot weights from 1/2 oz. to 66 oz.



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Most sizes can ship immediately from stock held at our West Coast location. Machines can also be built to your specific requirements, with relatively short lead times. Standard machines include fully programmable injection, election, and clamping, as well as standard air blast, 6 pattern core pull, sprue break sequence, and mold water manifolds with flow controls. The computer system includes mold setup storage for up to 20 setups, shot data display of last 100 cycles, production control data for 100 production runs, and production countdown to stop the press once programmed parts count is reached. Presses also include password security, controlled access to setup and production data, robot interface and printer port.

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