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Mokon Chillers, Temperature Controllers

If your production process requires continuous temperature control, hot or cold, then Plastic Experts and Mokon have the solution you need.


About Us If you need continuous process cooling, then our Mokon portable chillers are the answer. In capacity ranges from 1/2 ton to 20 tons, the Mokon portable units are available as water cooled or air cooled systems, and can include full microprocessor control with communication capabilities if needed. Mokon units are well known for their compact size, their durability, and the accuracy of their control of your process temperatures. In case your requirement is for controlled high temperature process water, the Mokon Duratherm units are your problem solvers. This family of temperature controllers includes single and multiple zone controllers, high pressure and Leakmaster systems, and hot oil circulators for the extreme temperature needs of some engineering resin processing.



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