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One of the major pitfalls in plastic product manufacturing is the development process itself. Plastic Experts can minimize the problems in the process by acting as your own group of project engineers, coordinating the efforts of the many specialists needed to bring a project from concept to completion.


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Since industry today tends to be highly specialized, there is generally a problem with projects that require a number of processes to work well together in order for them to succeed. We at Plastic Experts have had extensive practice at coordinating the unique group of specialists that are involved in every plastic manufacturing project. We have our own product design team, and routinely employ model makers, rapid prototyping services, short run tooling and production experts, machinists, and the mold makers that no project can be completed without. Since we use all of these for our ordinary run of projects, we have over the years developed the skills required to get the most from each of them, with minimum stress.



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Every successful project includes elements of product design, model making, sampling, prototyping, mold design, process equipment selection, materials selection, product manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and sales. Plastic-Experts can supply all the elements from our Industry associations, and can also provide the overall project management to assure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

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