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Shown below is a selection of Products that are available from Plastic Experts. In most cases our products are of our own manufacture, or from selected manufacturers whose quality products and reliability we have confirmed.


About Us Plastic Product Design:
One of the Reasons We Call Ourselves the "Plastic Experts"

The photo here shows a sampling of products that were designed by the current "Plastic Experts".
While these are primarily cosmetics industry products, our people have designed products, molds, and manufacturing processes for all types of injection molded parts for industrial, medical, business machine, and aerospace clients during the last 25 years of service to the plastics industry.
Let us do the same for you.


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Product -Project Development: Plastic Experts can go far beyond simple product design. We can take your project through the complete process of development, from Concept to Completion, with minimal stress.

With 25 years of practice behind us, Plastic Experts is in a position to take your project through the entire, complex developmental process, without a hint of hesitation or interruption. This is truly a case of "Been There, Done That"

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