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Shown below is a selection of Products that are available from Plastic Experts. In most cases our products are of our own manufacture, or from selected manufacturers whose quality products and reliability we have confirmed.


About Us Injection Molding Machinery Location Service: Used Equipment Sources Nationwide

The photos here show samples of products that can be supplied from our national sources. Whether your requirement is for a single injection molding machine, a manufacturing module with multiple machines, or a full new plant startup project, we have the capability to locate, test and deliver the service-ready equipment you need. Within our network of sources, we can locate and supply virtually any brand of equipment, in any size and vintage that might be of interest to you. We can provide original condition machines, or retrofit and upgrade to your specifications. 


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Toggle Clamp Injection Machines: Plastic Experts Represented Welltec Machinery USA, Inc., who  supplied toggle machines to the U.S. market for 20 years. Sizes from 25 to 1760 tons Clamp Capacity Had BeenAvailable

This Equipment Line has been discontinued in the US market. We continue to supply linited service and support to existing customers only. Discussion below is relevant only to existing equipment owners.

With 20 years of history in the U.S. , the Welltec line of injection machines has been developed as an economical solution to the needs of custom injection molders, who require reliable general purpose machines at competitive prices. The new G-Series machines are a particularly exceptional value, being priced at half the cost of competitor machines that they have actually outperformed in controlled testing by an independent examination group. Welltec would be delighted to share the results of the recent  competition, since it was  conducted by a well-known trade        magazine that specializes in competitive testing of plastics equipment, and the Welltec G Series machine placed 4th out of 20 brands tested, with some such as Nissei and VanDorn costing twice  the price of the  Welltec machine which defeated  them.     


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