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Product Design Services
About Us How do I get my Invention or Product Designed ?
Plastic Experts can work from your rough sketches, models, or description of the product, to develop a finished prototype, and proceed from that through to design and manufacture of molds, dies, and finished product, all within a single source.
Injection Mold Design Services
If my product design is complete, how can I get a mold built?
Plastic Experts can work from your completed part design to build injection molds for your product. The same people we use for mold design also supervise mold construction, assuring that the design concept is followed accurately
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Injection Mold Fabrication and Testing
If you design my mold, do I have to get another Company to build it?
Plastic Experts is a full-service design and manufacturing organization. A major advantage of working with us is that the same personnel follow your project from its inception to the final stages of finished goods manufacturing. There is never any need to find a number of different suppliers in order to get your product to completion. Our single-source system takes all the uncertainty out of the process.
Services to Manufacturers
Are your Services Available to Manufacturers as Well as Individuals?
Plastics Experts serves manufacturers' needs for competent help in product design, production efficiency monitoring, and as the source for a number of product lines specifically selected for their high quality and reasonable prices. Our Injection Molding Estimating software, auxiliary equipment lines, and our new and used injection molding machines are all intended to improve productivity and reduce the costs of operation in any of the various manufacturing operations we supply.

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