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Specialized Cost Estimating Software for Manufacturers:

About Us

Plastic Experts has developed several software packages for injection molding companies that are significantly different from the standard software that most "generic" software houses offer.

Our estimating/quotation package is built as a spreadsheet program that can run in a number of platforms, Lotus, Excel, Quattro Pro, etc. for simplicity, and yet includes all the variables that injection molding companies have to factor in when estimating a project. Our package considers part weight or volume, runner scrap losses, color letdown ratios, primary and secondary labor costs, setup expenses and production quantity variables; all the details that affect real costs.

 A matter of some importance is that our package, in the hands of an estimator with minor training and equipped with the data needed to be entered, can produce a fully documented, accurate quotation in less than 20 minutes, with none of the guesswork typical of cost estimating in the ordinary quotation process.

Our software is also unique in that it takes into consideration multiple secondary operations and the sequence in which they occur, so as to calculate cost of scrapped parts at each interim operation, including all value added items included in earlier operations. To our knowledge this is the only software package which includes this important feature.


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Production / Process Monitoring Software

Plastic Experts has developed, with the assistance of actual manufacturing personnel from the injection molding industry, a simple, PC based monitoring system that can track performance of all the process equipment in an entire facility. This system requires only two sets of switch contacts within each machine to be connected to our data gathering devices, which feed process data to a central computer. With this system in place, and proper data entry to the custom data base we create for the Company, it is possible to monitor the real-time performance of every job in production. Reports available can include: Efficiency compared to standard. Downtime by shift, in minutes and incident count. Project Efficiency by Shift, daily, Weekly, or Total Run. Overall performance by shift, daily, weekly, etc. Project, Shift, or full facility Profit and Loss, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Material usage and requirements per project per shift, full facility, hourly, daily, weekly, or project duration. This system can give manufacturing personnel the tools they need to plan for production improvements, identify process or scheduling problems, and measurably improve the bottom line, all at a relatively low cost per machine.

Website Construction By Plastic Experts

 Have you been considering a Website of your own, but put off getting  it done because of the expense? Maybe it has been  the difficulty in finding anyone in the "WebMaster" category who has any idea what the plastics industry is about? Or perhaps it is the combination prospect of spending both big money and lots of  time teaching  plastics to a computer "Expert" whose first response when you mention "molding" is "Oh yeah, that's the stuff that trims around the doors and windows in the house, right?" Plastic-Experts can  solve the problems for you. We have over 25 years in plastics. We speak the language. You don't have to educate us in the business before we get down to business. We have already reserved a number of  plastics oriented domain names, and can also get your own new one registered for you. Are you an injection molder? Let us build you a  new, professional looking website at www/ Are you in thermoset molding? With us, you can become  next week if you contact us today. Do you sell plastic processing equipment? can be your new web address, if you sign up with us. We have lots of names pre-registered and available now. Of course, you can't  be,  because that's us. We can have your new website in place within a week, at a cost as low as $500.00. We can provide domain name registration, complete web hosting, and  even  set up a storefront with e-commerce capabilities if you want to go that route. The Internet is fast becoming everyone's first reference when looking for Plastics Industry products, suppliers, and manufacturers. Just look at all the websites out there sponsored by the heavy hitters in Plastics. How much longer can you afford NOT to have a presence here?  



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